7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Video Testimonial

Video testimonials present a great opportunity to add digital content to your website which in turn can help boost your search engine rankings. What’s more you don’t have to spend a fortune to create them. All you need is a mobile phone with a good camera – and a willing customer.

So here are our 7 tips which might help:

1. Keep the camera as steady as possible. If you have a stand or better still a tripod use it. A wobbly picture can be distracting to the viewer.
2. Get the best possible audio quality. Try to keep the camera as close as possible to the subject. If you have an external microphone better still. Simply place it on or as close as possible to the subject. Remember the audio quality is just as important as picture quality.
3. Make sure there’s plenty of light on the subject’s face – and try to avoid shadows. Filming near a window usually works best.
4. Keep it short. Normally a video testimonial only needs to last 20-30 seconds.
5. Always record using the highest possible settings, 1080p is best. Remember the quality of video on a website can reflect the quality of the company so always aim for the best possible audio and video settings.
6. Allow plenty of time. It takes a lot of patience to set the shot up right, and be prepared to experiment with different settings, angles etc.
7. Shoot the video several times even if the first take seems perfect. It’s easy to miss something in the background such a car door to an aeroplane overhead. If you have it recorded several times you have a choice of versions to choose from.

If you need any more help or advice you can always email us us here at Brian David Films.

Happy filming!