Great footage but what about editing the video?

There are very few people around who don’t have the facility for shooting great quality video. Just having one of the latest mobile phones is usually more than enough to do a perfectly good job.

However making a video consists of two elements – the filming and the editing. Unfortunately one without the other can be complete waste of time.

You can have the best video footage in the world but it’s useless if it can’t be edited properly.

The same applies to audio. Good quality audio is equally important – some would say more so – than the picture quality.

There are several editing software programmes on the market for both Mac and PC – some of them free of charge – but it takes time, skill and a lot of patience to use them to full effect.

One answer is to shoot the video yourself but then ask a professional production company to do the editing. This ensures a top quality finished production whilst still keeping the cost down.

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