How to shoot video using a phone"/>

How to shoot video using a phone


You Tube and all the social media platforms are full of video clips which have been shot with a mobile phone or a tablet.

Some of them are great whilst others are a disaster. Given that the most phone cameras are all good in terms of specs, why is it that?

The answer is more often than not simply the way the device has been held.

TV and computer screens are landscape in shape which means they are wider than they are high. If you hold a phone or a tablet in portrait mode you end up with a tall thin video with a huge ugly black border at either side.

By simply turning the device 90 degrees into landscape mode, hey presto the borders will disappear.

Secondly try to keep the camera as steady as possible.

Unless you’re filming a sports event etc too much movement can be very distracting for the viewer. If you don’t have a tripod try propping the camera on a table or a chair. If you do have to hold it for any length of time try leaning against something steady, eg a wall to stop your arm from getting tired.

Finally, keep an eye on the light.

All the best videos productions are usually the ones that have been shot with plenty of light.

A few months ago an edition of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show was shot entirely using mobile phones and no studio cameras. The outcome was amazing. Proof indeed that today’s mobile devices can produce broadcast quality footage – if handled correctly.

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