My Phone Shoots Great Footage But…

Well it’s hard not to notice the huge leap that smart phones and tablets have taken in such a comparatively short space of time.

And what’s the biggest improvement? – the camera. Thanks to the likes of Apple, Samsung and others nearly everybody can now shoot the most amazing quality photos and video productions – even up to 4K on the latest models.

But shooting the video is only half the story. The other half is in the video editing. The greatest footage in the world can look a real mess unless it’s been carefully edited.

Again it’s possible to do this yourself using programmes such as iMovie, which is great if you simply want to impress your friends with on You Tube.

However real editing takes practice, experience and professional software which can run into hundreds of pounds.

So what’s the answer? Simple. Shoot the video yourself but send the footage into a professional video company to have it professionally edited. The result? A sheer masterpiece.

Most production houses, like Brian David Films, will happily edit a client’s own footage for a fraction of the price of a full production and with excellent results.

So if you’re thinking of a cost-effective way of filming a family wedding, a website video or a training video etc just take care of the filming and let somebody else worry about the editing.