Website Errors


It’s still amazing the number of websites which contain simple spelling and grammatical errors for which there is no real excuse.

In the majority of cases it’s just a question of people not taking enough care to check and re-check their web copy before publishing it.

This doesn’t just apply to individuals who write their own sites. It applies equally to professional website designers and webmasters who frankly should know better.

There are several “no-no’s” when it comes to websites, some of which we’ve written about in previous blogs, but nothing puts visitors off more than badly written text.

Here at Brian David Films we spend a lot of time checking other companies websites to advise on the best place to position their website video etc. In doing so we see so many simple mistakes either with spelling or grammar, perhaps something as simple as not starting a new sentence with a capital letter, or not leaving a space between paragraphs etc.

The fact is there really is no need for it with today’s aids for computer writing, automatic spell and grammar checks.

The solution? Just ask two or three other people to proof read your text before publishing it. It’s surprising no matter how many times we read something how easy it is to miss a simple error.

Happy writing!