Do I Need a Professional Wedding Videographer?

There is such a lot to think about when planning a wedding. It's certainly an exciting time, and it's worth all the preparation because you know it's going to be a perfect day. The wedding dress, the suits, the venue, the flowers, the cake, the DJ all contribute to a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. But how will you remember it?

Once the day itself is over what will you have left? You might keep your wedding dress and shoes in a box. You might even freeze the top tier of your cake to enjoy on your first anniversary. For most couples though, the only way they can really look back on their day are with the photographs and the wedding video.  Do you really want to entrust either of these once in a lifetime jobs to a well meaning relative?

Yes, it's definitely cheaper to get Uncle Bob who has an HD camcorder and makes great holiday videos to film your wedding, but making that saving now so that you can afford the chocolate fountain for the reception could be a decision you'll regret when you see the result.

When all the excitement has died away, how will you remember what the bridegroom was doing before you arrived?  What were all the guests doing whilst you were tied up with the photographer?  Exactly what DID the best man say in his speech that was so funny?

Yes you’ll have the photographs to look back on, but the only way to re-capture the true atmosphere of the day and re-live the day time after time is with a professionally made wedding video.