Quick to criticise, slow to praise


Have you ever noticed how we love to criticise?

Could be anything, the driver in front, the driver behind, the woman at the cash desk, the late delivery of an item, the meal not being hot enough, etc etc.

Whenever something's not right we're onto it like a bull in a china shop, ranting and raving, making irate phone calls, sending emails and texts - and sometimes rightly so.

But how often do we praise when things go right?

When did you last send an email to a company thanking them for their prompt and efficient service or send a testimonial to a firm to thank them for their fast delivery etc? If you did you're certainly in the minority.

As a company, we wanted to attract customer reviews to help improve our position in the Google rankings so we asked some of our clients if they would be kind enough to leave a short review for us. Only three obliged.

Now it may be because the others didn't rate our service highly enough, but frankly I doubt that. More likely they were either too busy or simply forgot.

We all like to feel appreciated, so why not be different and show your appreciation when things do go right - and they do go right more often than not.

Not only will you be doing them a favour, it'll probably make you feel better too.

Maybe an idea for a New Year's Resolution?

Just a thought.