Should Website Videos be set to Autoplay?


It’s late, everybody in the house is fast asleep and you decide to while away some time browsing the web just to see what’s new.

Or maybe you’re at work and decide to have a sneaky browse around the internet on the office computer over a coffee.

All is going great until you hit on a site with video content and music starts blaring out! What do you do? You either reach for the speakers and turn the volume down as quickly as possible or quicker still you simply hit the <back> button and get out of that website as quickly as possible.

Problem solved for you but another potential customer lost for the website!

It’s happening more and more.

It’s called Autoplay and it happens when website designers don’t give the viewer any choice of whether to play the video. 

The video just plays automatically as soon as the page is opened.

Statistics have shown it puts more people off than anything else.

Not only can it be embarrassing when you’re trying to view a site quietly, it also means every time you return to that page you have to suffer that video all over again.

The solution is so simple.

Check our Marketing Videos and ask your website designer to add a <play> button.

This way, you let the viewer choose whether or not to play your amazing video.

If you’re having problems and need any help or advice simply contact us at Brian David Films.