Stage Performances Professionally Filmed

We know how much work goes into producing a show, with all the endless rehearsals, learning lines and movements which have to be perfected, and you want to be sure the filming company you choose will deliver a professional service and quality digital product for the cast and their families and friends to enjoy for many years.

Brian David Films has built a reputation as one of the leading video production companies for filming live stage performances, both amateur and professional. We have filmed at most venues across Lancashire, including all the major theatres, schools and dance academies etc.

Brian David Films is one of the UK’s leading live performance filming and theatrical performance video production companies.

Stage Performance videos are great for:

Schools & Colleges

Dance Academies

Drama & Theatre Groups

Performing Arts Societies

Solo Cabaret Artists


We can film your next performance

If you'd like a permanent lasting record of your show, concert or performance we will film it for you and produce a professional DVD for you to sell, or alternatively an MP4 video file suitable for uploading to the web, You Tube  etc.

Call us today on 01253 781203 to see how Brian David films can help with your next production.

Our experienced team of cameramen and editors will film your dance show, catwalk, concert or school nativity play and produce a bespoke DVD which, depending on the number of units sold, is often free of charge.

Filming costs are usually covered by selling the DVD sales to pupils, performers and their families and friends.

In most cases the school is able to make profit out of the project.

All our productions are filmed with at least two or three cameras to allow for a combination of wide and close-up shots, giving a professional TV style image to any performance.

We also like to take an audio feed direct from the sound desk wherever possible to ensure perfect sound quality.

Our service is also ideal for artists needing a showreel for agents, or anybody who simply wants to show themselves "in action".