Many people think that high quality professional video is very expensive - but that's not the case.


People ask why can’t they just make a budget video themselves, and the fact is with modern phone cameras there's nothing stopping you. However having a good camera is only half the story. What about the lighting, tripods, microphones, editing, royalty-free music, graphics, titles, animations etc? Do you have the skills, equipment and production methods to really produce something effective?

The fact is a poor quality budget video can do more harm than good to your reputation.

So how much does a professional video actually cost?

There is no set price for any video as there are so many factors to consider, eg how long will the final video be, how many cameramen will we need, how many locations will be used for filming, will actors or voice-overs be needed etc. However as a small independent company we don't have the overheads of the larger production houses and are able to pass these savings on to our clients. As a guide here are our standard rates.

Corporate and Promotional Videos*

Single Cameraman

Half Day - from £175.00

Full Day - from £300.00

Additional Cameramen

Half Day - from £150.00

Full Day - from £250.00

Video Editing

Half Day - £120.00

Full Day - £240.00

Conference and Event Filming*

Single Camera Filming

From £300.00 per day

1 x Camera Operator

1 Camera

Direct Audio Feed

Multi Camera Filming

From £600.00 per day

2 x Camera Operators

3 Cameras

Direct Audio Feed

Post-Production Editing

From £240.00 per day

Full Multicam editing

PowerPoint Integration

Graphics, Titles & Music

Schools and Theatre Stage Shows**

Option 1

Filming Only

1 Camera

Raw footage supplied

From £300.00

Option 2

Filming & Editing

3 Cameras

Master Copy Supplied

From £500.00

Option 3

Filming & Editing

Includes multiple copies of the DVD

Additional copies available


* All rates are guide prices only as every event is quoted on specific requirements.

* Prices exclude travel and accommodation where applicable.

** Shows running longer than 2 hours may attract an additional charge

Live Streaming Subject to adequate internet connection. Additional charges may apply.

**Prices exclude postage & packing