Have your Event streamed Live to Facebook or You Tube Channel

Organising an event takes a lot of time and you want to be sure as many people as possible can take advantage of it.

However for all sorts of reasons there are always people who just can't attend. Perhaps they are unwell, too far away or are simply too busy.

Growing Market

Whatever the reason is, you can now have your event broadcast live to your website, Facebook page or You Tube channel or anybody to watch with our live video streaming service.

The demand of online video is growing rapidly today. Video streaming has become one of the top ways to communicate with and entertain employeers customers, party guests etc.

Live streaming in Lancashire

Live streaming is ideal for:

  • Conferences & Events

  • Meetings & Seminars

  • Staff Appraisals

  • Sports Events

  • Presentations

  • Awards Ceremonies

  • Weddings & Celebrations

The cost of live-streaming has never been lower, and it’s easier than ever to broadcast a live event out to an engaged audience.

Many people use their iPhones and tablets to create their own live streams which is fine. However rather than use just a basic iPhone camera we are able to use one of our professional video cameras, not only to give both better picture and audio quality, but also to make the broadcast more interesting with a combination of wide and close-up shots etc.

Providing the venue has an adequate WiFi or Ethernet connection this is the perfect way to let anybody watch your event in any location at any time of the day or night.