Website Navigation Videos

At Brian David Films we can help visitors navigate their way around your website

Wouldn’t it be great if you could welcome visitors to your website with a short video showing them exactly where to find things on the site and where to click etc.

Well now you can. After introducing yourself and your company we can show a live demonstration of exactly how to navigate your website, where to click and exactly where to find things. The video can either be presented by yourself or one of our team of experienced presenters.

Some websites are very straightforward, with just a few pages and which are very easy to navigate around.

However if you have a site with a lot of pages or sections which may be more complicated and which some people might have more difficulty finding their way around, you may find a short video to help visitors navigate their way around more easily very helpful. This is especially useful if you offer online ordering,online shopping, or an e-commerce site etc. 

Our team of presenters & voiceover artists


As well as presenting the BBC weather for the North West, Nichola has presented News 24, the BBC series Inside Out, as well as handing over live from the late Terry Wogan at BBCTV centre fronting Children in Need.

With Nichola’s extensive experience as a presenter she has developed her own distinct style of delivery.


A broadcaster for 30 years, Andy is well known as the voice of Breakfast News on Blackpool's Radio Wave. Andy's distinctive style also makes him a popular late night newscaster on ITV .

As a regular voiceover and presenter, he's no stranger to the corporate presentation circuit.


Steph has worked as a presenter for Sky News, BBC and ITV working both as an entertainment correspondent and presenting in the fields of business, retail and sport.

Steph has presented videos and provided voiceovers for many corporate clients from Coca Cola to fashion brands such as Matalan.


Spencer is an extremely versatile voice-over artists and is experienced in many kinds of Voice Over work, including TV commercials, voicemail, podcasts, You Tube videos and much more.

If you're looking for a distinct vibrant male voice for your production, you should choose Spencer.

Dianne Evans

Dianne has been with Brian David Films for over 10 years, having worked extensively in promotions and public relations.

Her clear articulate speaking voice makes her a firm favourite with many clients.