Whiteboard Animation from £99.00

We produce a range of cost-effective whiteboard animated videos

Animated "Doodle" videos are a great way to present your company, idea or message.

Captivate your audience in a fun way whilst making a lasting impression.

Whiteboard animation is a powerful marketing tool designed to inform, entertain and inspire. It’s not about the video, it's about what the video can achieve. Simply tell us your potential ideas, the message you'd like to put across and what it will be used for. We'll need as much information as possible to help us get the storyboard right. You can either give us a script if you have one or you can simply send us a list of the points which you would like to be included.

Our team will then do as much background research on your company as possible to make sure that we create a bespoke video unique to you. We also add a royalty-free background music track and a voiceover if required.

Prices start from just £99.00 for a 60 second video. Contact us for a personal quotation.


- Online marketing

- Staff training

- Business presentations

- User guides

- Educational videos