Why can’t I just make a budget video myself with my phone?

The fact is with modern phone and tablet cameras there's nothing stopping you. However having a good camera is only half the story. What about the editing, colour correction, royalty-free music, graphics, titles, animations etc? Do you have the skills, equipment and production methods to really produce something effective?

The fact is a poor quality budget video can do more harm than good to your reputation.  Your company is reflected in your videos and you need to be absolutely sure the quality of your video reflects your brand. 

Do you charge by the hour?

No, we agree a fixed price for every job in advance. That way you know exactly what you will pay.

What format can I have my video in?

We can output to any format required, including MP4 and MPEG2 suitable for uploading to a website or social media site etc. We can also burn your video to DVD and also arrange to duplicate discs in any quantity.

Where are you based?

We are based in Lytham St Annes in the Fylde, Lancashire, in the North West of England.

How long will it take to produce my video?

The exact time-scale depends on several factors, such as number and availability of filming locations etc, but as a rough guide we are normally able deliver the finished production within 3 weeks of filming. A talking head website video can normally be completed within 7 days.

Do you provide an editing-only service?

Yes we provide a full editing-only service and can add titles, music, and a voice-over as required. Prices depend on the complexity of the work involved, but as a general rule studio time is charged at £40.00 per hour.

Is possible to have a "still" image from the film on the front cover of our DVD?

Yes you can have any image you like on the front cover, either a "still" image from the film, or if you prefer one of your own pictures or logos etc.. There is no extra cost for this.

What about copyright material?

Copyright law is a very complex area and unfortunately we cannot use, transfer or duplicate copyright material without the owner's consent. By placing an order with us you accept full liability for any copyright issues that may arise.

Can you make DVD's which will play in other countries?

Yes we can produce DVDs on both the PAL and NTSC system. Simply let us know which country the DVD will be played in and we will supply you with the appropriate format (or both).

Who owns the copyright?

We retain the copyright in the original footage but the finished production is yours to use and share entirely as you wish. 

Can we just have part of our wedding filmed?

Yes, we can video anything from just the marriage ceremony itself up to the whole event or any part of it, such as the reception, speeches evening celebrations etc.

What if your camera breaks down?

We always use a minimum of two cameras when filming "live" events and also carry spares so that in the unlikely event that one camera should fail, we always have a safeguard.

What areas to you cover?

We mainly cover the North West, including Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Cumbria and the Lakes. However we have cameramen based throughout the UK so distance is no object.

Are you able to edit somebody else's footage?

Yes we provide an editing-only service and can add titles, music, etc. Prices depend on the complexity of the work involved, but as a general rule studio time is £40.00 per hour.

Lots of other companies have hidden costs, do you?

No, there are no extra hidden costs at all. The price we quote is the price you pay. Also we are not currently VAT registered.

If I have my video produced as a DVD Will I be able to order additional copies?

Yes, we keep a copy of the master production so can always produce additional copies at any time.